Who are La Lumiere Photography? La Lumiere Photography is a family run portrait studio, for families, babies, kids, even the family dog. Aaron Gilpin is our principal photographer who owns the business with his wife Debbie. Aaron has won several awards over the last few years for his photography, and we were also awarded a 5 star rating from the Xperience Photography Group, meaning we provide the highest levels of service to our customers.


Why do you take a £20 refundable booking deposit? We ask for the £20 as a commitment from you that you are going to turn up for your session. With each photoshoot we allocate a set amount of time, time which is wasted if we get a no-show. We of course understand that things can happen outside of your control, and we always work with our customers to find alternative dates etc. providing we get 48 hours notice. The viewing appointment must also be attended and then we will refund your booking deposit.

What if I need to cancel as I'm unwell? If someone is unwell in your group (and we completely understand it happens) we need as much notice as possible, please try to give 2 days notice so we can then let other clients know of upcoming availability. We will then reschedule the shoot as soon as we can. 

Do you have parking? Yes we have a car park right next to our front door, (please note it is shared so during weekdays we cannot guarantee a space) Alternatively there is free parking on the street up to an hour and various parking options nearby for longer stays at reasonable rates. 

When should I book my photography session? We are a busy photography studio especially on the weekend so If you are looking for a session the sooner the better, we are normally booked up 3-4 weeks in advance.

When is the best time to photograph newborn’s? We find the best age to photograph a newborn is between 5 days and 2 weeks while they’re happy to curl up in a ball, lie perfectly still wherever you place them, and quietly drop off to sleep. We can photograph them up to 4 weeks old if needs be. We know the little ones are unpredictable, and arrive when their ready, and we do our best to accommodate you.

The Session

Can we have a quick portrait? In order to get the best images, we don't do "quick" portraits. In order to achieve our award winning images, it does take time and patience especially if you are bringing little ones. We work hard during the session to make sure we have lots of lovely photos to show you at your viewing session.

I have a gift voucher – how do I book in? Just call us at the studio on 01482 867455  or click here . If you have a specific date in mind, please contact us as soon as possible. Our most popular days are Saturdays and Sundays and so availability can be limited.

Who owns the copyright? We retain the copyright on all of our images.  Please note scanning/screen shots breaks UK copyright laws and is classed at theft. When you buy a USB of images Print Rights are given but we still retain copyright and Print Rights are restricted to non-commercial use.

Can we bring pets? Of course!  Talk to us when booking your shoot and we can discuss how to get the best from your session with us.

Do you have a limit on how many people can come for a family portrait? We have a large studio space and have taken many large family portraits with over 12 people ranging from babies to great grandparents. Just talk to us when booking in and we will make sure we are ready for you all!

Can we combine our vouchers? Unfortunately not – it's strictly one voucher per family household per year.

Do I need to bring my voucher with me? Yes please.

Can I view my images straight after the photoshoot? Unfortunately not, as we've probably taken hundreds of shots and need to whittle them down so we only show you the best of the best of the best! Once your images have been taken, they are then cleaned and creatively edited for you, this normally takes our experienced editor a good couple of hours.


What to expect at the Viewing

How long does it take from shoot to viewing? It takes around 1-2 weeks depending on schedules.

Can I bring my children to the viewing? We recommend parents do NOT bring their young children into the viewing room, more for the comfort of the parents as there is not much to do during the viewing session for them and you do not want to be rushed when making your selections.

Can we bring our parents to the viewing session? Yes, as is often the case parents will also want the opportunity to buy images for themselves .

How many pictures can I expect to see? It depends they type of session, but on average we showcase around 20-40 images, each one digitally cleaned, colour corrected and lots of extra ideas for you to see how you can present your "wall art" in your own home. We are all about the quality not quantity.

How long is the viewingOur viewing sessions are normally around an hour.

Is there an obligation to buy after the shoot? Of course not, but if after seeing your beautiful images you choose too, then we have products suitable for everyone. 

What payments do you accept? We accept most major credit and debit cards, Cash, or Bank Transfer

Do you offer payment plans? Yes. All of our options are completely interest free and you will be provided with details with our product brochure.

Why do you charge for second viewings? As we are a busy studio we can only allocate 1 viewing session per shoot. It is therefore important you come prepared to your viewing session. You will be provided with a product brochure and we are always on hand to answer any questions you have during your shoot and prior to your viewing session. If a further viewing session is needed we charge £100 for the additional viewing.


When can we come back in? You can come back in anytime, but to get the most out of your time, money and children, we recommend you see us every 2-3 years. Households are limited to use one voucher per family per year. Please contact the studio directly if you ar a returning customer on 01482 867455

How long do you keep the images for? If you place an order, we keep the images on file for 12 months. If you do not order images at your viewing session your image will be deleted accordingly. If you would like us to hold onto the images for a longer period, a retainer will be required – please ask at the studio for more information. Without prior agreement we cannot guarantee retention of images that have not been ordered past the date of your viewing session.

Is there a guarantee on my wall art?  All of our wall art is guaranteed for a 1 year, although if you look after it it should last a lifetime. Please contact the studio if you need any advice on cleaning or hanging the product.

When will my order be ready? After your photography session, your images will be selected and edited. A slide-show is then prepared for you to view when you come back to the studio around a week or so later. After you have chosen your favourite images, and placed an order, we will then re-edit your chosen images to make them perfect, ready to be printed and framed using the very best framers in the UK. Your order will be ready 4-6 weeks after it is placed and we will contact you when your order is complete.


If you can't find an answer to any question you have please call or email the studio